The gyrocopter or just commonly called as gyro is a ranged hero with agility as its primary attribute. The Gyrocopter can be played with different roles like a carry, a nuker or a disabler. Since its damage dramatically increases as the game progresses, playing it as a carry is much advisable. At the start of the game, the gyrocopter has a base movement speed of 320, which is pretty fast for an early game. The gyrocopter has an attack range of 365. At level 1 it has a health 560, a health regeneration of 1.08 and an armor of 4.43 which makes it so squishy at the start of the game. it also has a damage of 37-47 at level 1. The Gyrocopter is labeled as a nuker because of its following abilities;

1.)    Rocket Barrage

Rocket barrage is a great skill against some squishy heroes since it can deal a total of 210/360/510/660 damage if all of the rockets really did hit. The gyrocopter cannot hit units that are invisible or in a state of fog but the gyrocopter can move freely as it uses the rocket barrage.

2.)     Homing Missile

Has a minimum damage of 50 and a maximum damage that depends on the distance. At 300 distance:  50/50/75/100 damage, at 600 distance: 50/100/150/200 damage, at 900 distance: 75/150/225/300 damage, at 1200 distance: 100/200/300/400 damage and at 1500 distance: 125/250/375/500 damage although the damage is capped at 1500 distance. The homing missile has an initial speed of 340 and gradually increases by 20 per second which grows by 1 every 0.05 seconds.

3.)     Flak Cannon

Gyrocopter make instant attacks on all nearby enemies whenever he makes a normal attack projectile. With that, all projectiles are released at the same time along with the primary attack. The flak cannon intervenes Gyrocopter’s channeling spells when it is cast. The projectiles in the flak cannon travel at a speed of 800 and can be evaded just like the regular attacks. Unlike the other instant attacks, those in the flak cannon does not proc any attack modifiers. Yet, they still are considered as regular attacks. The flak cannon does not aim invisible units, buildings, wards or couriers. But then, attacking the attacking the buildings, allied units, wards or couriers can still cause the flakes to hit all valid targets that are within the radius of effect. The flak cannon has a radius of 1000. The number of attacks is 3/4/5/6 as the level increases but with the talent tree, it becomes 7/8/9/10.

4.)    Call Down

 It is the ultimate skill of Gyrocopter with a cast range of 1000 and an effect radius of 600. It can deal a total damage of 300/425/550 if both missiles hit the target. The first missile hits 2 seconds after it is being cast and the second missile hits 4 seconds after it is being cast. The first missile has a movement speed slow of 30% to the enemy units and the second missile has a movement speed slow of 60% to the enemy units.