Before you decide to visit Costa Rica, you should find some information on the different tours that they are offering. Once you know a little bit about what these tours have to offer, you can make your choices soon as you can. Most of the companies that offer tours are going to take you into areas where you will be able to see hundreds of different birds. It will make it very easy for you to do birding, led by a guide with a group of people that are also there for the same purpose. These tips will show you how to quickly locate the best Costa Rica tours and reviews for each one.

Where Should You Start Looking For These Reviews?

The reviews that you will find will be on travel websites. These will be individuals that will have already been there. They may have been to several different locations. Based upon their estimate of their experience, they will rate each experience accordingly. It is recommended that you look at several different reviews, and find the tours that have the highest recommendations. Doing so will allow you to have the best possible time once you finally get to Costa Rica.

Which Tours Are Highly Recommended?

The first one that you should consider going on is the Manuel Antonio birding tour. This will allow you to go on a national Park hike, and you will also get to do Santa Juana birdwatching. You will likely be staying at the Santa Juana Lodge, and this will make it very easy for you to get ready to go in the morning. Another very popular tour is the Monteverde birding tour. This will allow you to go on the Monteverde reserve hike, and also the Santa Elena hike as well. You will get to see these reserves up close, and once you are done there, the tour will end with the Vida Silvestre refuge birdwatching experience.

What Time Of The Year Should You Go?

It is recommended that you travel during the early part of the dry season. This could be in December and January. The seasons are different in this area of the world. You will be leaving what could be a very cold city, ending up in this beautiful tropical location. You can actually travel up to the month of May, the month where the rainy season begins. This will allow you to spend at least a few months in Costa Rica if you have the time, doing birding without having to worry about precipitation.

If you would like to travel to Costa Rica this year, you should consider planning in advance. It may take a few calls to find a location that has something available, and also tours that are not completely booked. This country has been doing a substantial amount of advertising, attracting more people than ever before. That’s why planning your vacation early is highly recommended, especially if you want to go on some of the best tours that are currently available. Visit here to know more on Costa Rica tours.