Do you currently have arthritis? If you do, you may want to consider using pain patches to help you with the discomfort. There is going to be some type of an anti-inflammatory drug that is in the patch that will be distributed over time. These anti-inflammatories will reduce the inflammation that is causing the pain. This is why people wear them on different areas of their body. The ones that you can purchase at the local store not going to be as strong as those that are prescription strength. You may want to consider seeing a doctor or you could check out Luminas. Here are some of the best ones that are currently available that you may want to consider using to help you reduce your pain levels. Here is a great review on the Luminas Pain Patch.

What Is Arthritis?

Playing sports like table tennis can obviously make arthritis progressively worse.
Arthritis is a condition where the joints in your body are going to begin to swell, leading to excessive pain and a reduced range of motion. It can be mild, but it can also be extremely severe, prompting people to go to a doctor for a prescription. This can be categorized as chronic pain, especially if it is in your fingers, knees, and other joints. Once they have identified that you do have arthritis, they can prescribe pills that you can take, but you might want to consider also getting an arthritis patch.

What Is Arthritis Patch?

These are patches, similar to large Band-Aids, that are going to have a medication called lidocaine. It is the drug that is used when dentists are going to work on your teeth, typically injected with a large needle. When the lidocaine is applied to the skin, it can soak in, and it will block the transmission of pain signals. This is going to essentially numb the pain, helping you to go throughout your day, even though you do have the inflammation. Check out the Luminas Linkedin page for more information on the company.

Salonpas Arthritis Pain Patch

This is one of the most popular on the market today, primarily because it is over-the-counter. It can relieve mild-to-moderate pain, usually for up to 12 hours. Arthritis itself cannot be cured. It is a condition that you may simply develop as you get older. It has to do with the reduction of cartilage in between the joints that prevent the bones from rubbing together. This will, in turn, cause inflammation to occur and that is what arthritis is. By using a combination of anti-inflammatory pills, along with a prescription strength, or over-the-counter, arthritis patch, you can manage this regardless of your age. Get in touch for more tips.

pain patches for arthritis

Can go to a local pharmacy and pick up one of these Salonpas arthritis pain patches. They have been very helpful for millions of people over the years, and they will likely help you. If you have not been able to find something that can help with your arthritic pain, this might be one of the best ways to reduce how bad it feels throughout the day. Additionally, you should also set an appointment with your local physician to talk to them about other treatments that may be available. Get more information here