With the Christmas season coming up, it’s important to remember a few things. First and foremost, a pet isn’t just a present. It’s a lifetime commitment. While it’s true that many people give pets as a Christmas gift, many of those people wind up abandoning their pet the moment it’s inconvenient.

Presuming you’re the kind of person who wants to find a new member of the family, the question becomes what to get. While there are many options, one of the more interesting options out there is a new bulldog puppy. Why does a bulldog puppy make sense as a pet for a child?

There Are A Variety Of Bulldogs

The first thing to keep in mind is that “bulldog” is a fairly large grouping. While most people think of the English Bulldog puppies when they hear the word, it can actually refer to a number of different breeds.

Bull breeds are breeds of dogs such as the American bulldog, the pit bull, and even breeds such as the Alano Espanol. These breeds are all quite different, but also share a number of similarities. As if that wasn’t enough variety, there are a number of creating new breeds of bulldogs to help deal with the health issues.

What Similarities Do Bulldogs Share?

Many people think all pit bulls are aggressive, but they’re no more aggressive than any other type of dog. However, Bulldogs will be quite loyal and defensive of those they consider family. So if you want a dog that will be loyal and defensive, then a bulldog is a great choice.

Bulldogs also tend to be quite powerful, it’s true. Even the French Bulldog, which is smaller with shorter legs, tends to be strong for its size. This doesn’t make them unsafe, it just means you’ll need to train them not to be so rough.

Preparing For A New Puppy

No matter what kind of new puppy you get, you have to be ready. Make absolutely certain you have plenty of play area for your puppy. They’ll be quite energetic as they grow. If you live in an apartment, then you probably want to get a dog smaller than a bulldog.

You’ll also want to ensure you get toys and training equipment. When you get a new puppy, it’s up to you to make sure they’re properly trained. You have to give them exercise, but in return, they’ll give you unconditional love.