Doombringer or the Doom, also called as the Lucifer is primarily a melee strength hero. He is quite flexible. The Doom can play many roles such as carry, disabler, initiator, nuker, and durable or tank making the Doom a versatile and efficient hero.

Doom’s abilities:

1.)    Devour

Devour is a very useful farming skill especially in the early game. A devoured unit will give a bonus gold which differs accordingly on the ability’s skill level. Devour can be targeted to all neutral creeps excluding the ancient creeps and Roshan. The devoured unit will immediately killed, gaining its gold and experience just like any ordinary last-hitted creep. The devour skill can get special abilities only from devoured neutral creeps. The special ability varies differently to the corresponding neutral creep. When the Doom reaches level 20, the player has 2 options to pick. It’s either give the Doom +40 Doom dps(damage per second) or upgrade his Devour skill. The upgrade is to enable Doom’s devour to be targeted on ancient creeps.

2.)    Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth, having a radius of 600 gives Doom an area of effect which centers him. The damage dealt to enemy units inside the area of effect will be damage per second. During the duration of the skill, Doom will gain an health regen bonus equal to the damage per second his enemies get. The heal to Doom and damage to enemies is 16/24/32/40 per second. The duration will be 10/12/14/16 seconds. Also, Doom will gain 14% movement speed during the duration of the ability.

Scorched Earth makes Doom a threat and increases its survival capability. Having extra movement speed makes him chase out and run towards or away from enemies and ganks. This helps the doom to be aggressive and durable during clash fights.

3.)    Infernal Blade

Infernal blade is a unique attack modifier. Since the infernal blade’s additional damage lies to the maximum HP and is expressed as a percentage of it, it will be useful to all heroes especially strength heroes or big max health heroes. The mini-stun will be helpful in cancelling outgoing tower portals or channelled skills.

4.)    Doom

Doom is Lucifer’s ultimate skill. It is considered as one of the most powerful single-target disable. The doom ability is one of the most hated skills any hero want to be applied on to.   It makes the targeted unit to be nearly useless for it would not be able to participate in throwing its various skills during the entire duration which when applied to a proper target, like tinker, or zeus can definitely change the tide of the game. The damage type is pure which makes it a real threat to any hero. It has a cast range of 550, a DPS of 25/40/55 (65/80/95 with talent tree option). The ability lasts for 15 seconds.

The ability doom can be upgraded by the Aghanims scepter. It increases the duration to 16 seconds and 0 if the target is in the vicinity radius of 900.