Dota 2 is one of the best free to play multiplayer online battle arena video game that ever existed. Many people are getting into it already. Playing the game is just so simple. The game is composed 2 teams namely, the radiant and the dire. Each player is given a chance to control one of the game’s 113 playable characters. The goal of this game is to destroy your enemy team’s Ancient.

If you are in the dire you have to destroy the radiant’s ancient and if you are in the radiant you have to destroy the dire ancient. Winning is just so simple if you are your team’s carry or core, you just have to outfarm or outlane your enemy team’s carries or cores. If you are the support you are the one who will plant wards, give vision, baby sit your carries or cores at the start of the game and they will repay you later at that game with a win though, make ganks, help teammates that are in need, etc. Supports make the foundation of the game.

Dota 2 is already at a booming state right now. Back in the year 2011, a tournament called “The International” commenced. The Natus Vincere won the tournament with prize money of 1 million dollars. The year 2012, the same tournament the same prize pool but now it is the Invictus Gaming that won The International. The year 2013 to recent the prize pool increases dramatically, just a vivid proof that the game is having more and more players. Valve did a great job in releasing compendium books every The International that people are getting so hyped once it is released.

The esports did the major advertisement to this game DOTA 2. Once there is an upcoming event people do not hesitate to buy tickets to watch live, buy sets related to the event and much more. The esports also did open doors for some players to be discovered. Just recently, a Filipino team just made one of the greatest upsets in the DOTA 2 history since they managed to surpass the event’s favorite team, the OG, and returned home already famous alongside the millions that they won.