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Perhaps one of the most attractive things about a property besides its location is the state of the surrounding landscape. A property that has great curb appeal can sell for more in the real estate market. The truth is, how good your front lawn looks really can affect your property’s value. It doesn’t matter how many beautiful trees you have planted or flower pots you have pruned, if the lawn does not look good, your home has zero curb appeal. After all, turfs of dried grass and bald patches make the landscape look like it is slowing dying. So, what is the secret to getting a beautiful lawn? Well, according to some of the best landscape maintenance professionals around, lawn aeration is the secret.

Over time, a lawn can really start to look stressed due to impact from heavy foot traffic, pets who love to dig, boisterous wildlife and forces of nature. If you park your family car on the grass outside your property, the damage can be even more visible. Any forces that cause soil compaction can make it impossible for healthy grass to grow. This is because the root structure is unable to pierce through the compacted soil in order to source water and nutrients needed for healthy growth. Fortunately, lawn aeration can revitalize a garden.

Lawn aeration involves removing small core columns of soil from the area. While cheap manual powered hand aerators work well on small areas, most people require the use of a heavy-duty gas-powered aerator in order to get the best results on large gardens. A core aerator removes plugs of soil from the ground that are approximately three-quarters of an inch in diameter in order to create aeration holes. The depth of these holes is typically around 5 inches and they are spaced around 5 inches apart. The moisture levels and softness of the soil are factors used to determine the optimum depth and spacing for the aeration holes.

How Much Does Lawn Aeration Cost?

The cost of professional lawn aeration services is now very affordable, so if you don’t feel like learning how to carry out your own landscape maintenance, hiring the professionals could be a good option. What’s more, the cost to buy and store gas-powered aerators is often too much for an average family to justify spending in one go. Visit us online to know more.

 Lawn Aeration

Professional lawn maintenance firms use their expert knowledge, training, and equipment to make your lawn look healthy again and increase the curb appeal of your property. They will know exactly what sorts of nutrients the landscape is lacking and will be able to cull any weeds that are causing more damage. Aerating the soil so that grassroots can get the water and nutrients they need to thrive should not take the professional very long. You may be advised to apply fertilizers to your garden if the grass in a very bad state. In addition, you may be advised to install a sprinkler system if you live in an area with low annual rainfall figures.

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