The classic Lina Inverse was the nuke type. With her disastrous magical skills and its majestic damage facing Lina one on one with no Black King Bar or anti-magic immunity will make you be an easy prey and easy target. Lina is usually gonna be mid-carry or mid-nuke hero and sometimes a support hero as well. Today, Lina is now being used as a semi-carry as well. The common item builds for this role will be phase boots, Eul’s Scepter, shadow blade, and other damage items like the Daedalus, blood thorn, or monkey king bar. The must-item for Lina is the traditional Eul’s scepter for its famous Eul’s-s2-s1 combo. However, Lina is undoubtedly a soft hero and has a natural slow mobility.

Lina’s Abilities:

1.)    Dragon Slave

The Dragon Slave is a wave of fire that damages every enemy unit in its path. The damage dealt is 110/180/250/320. The cast range is 800(925 with the talent tree). The starting radius is 275 and an ending radius of 200. The ability has a traveling distance of 1075(1200 with the talent tree). This skill is used and commonly picked in the early levels for it is convenient for spamming and last-hitting enemy creeps as well as to damage the enemy hero in the lane.

2.)    Light Strike Array


Light strike array casts a column of flames that damages and stuns the enemies. It has a casting range of 625(750 with the talent tree). The effect radius is 225. However, the ability has a slight delay of 0.5 seconds. The damage is 80/120/160/200(160/200/240/280 with the talent tree). The stun duration is 1.6/1.9/2.2/2.5. Any trees in the area of the ability will be destroyed.

3.)    Fiery Soul

This is a passive ability which stacks every time Lina casts a spell. She can have to at most 3 stacks which last for 10 seconds. This ability gives Lina a bonus attack speed making Lina deal more physical damage at a shorter time. This ability also gives a bonus movement speed for mobility.  It can stack to at most 3 times. The movement speed bonus per stack is 5%/6%/7%/8%(9%/10%/11%/12% with the talent tree). The attack speed bonus per attack is 40/55/70/85(80/90/110/125 with the talent tree).

This ability gives Lina the aggressive potential. This enables her to deal a lot of physical hits and damage. A Lina equipped with Scepter items will be dangerous if Fiery Soul will be activated and stacked at its max. It can single-handedly drain out enemies HP when she free hits the enemies afar.

4.)    Laguna Blade

Laguna blade has a cast range of 600 and an effect delay of 0.25 seconds. Damage is 450/650/850. Upon reaching level 6 you could get your first level of the ultimate skill, the Laguna blade. Lina will eventually roam and try to easily kill enemies with the ultimate ability. When equipped with the Aghanim’s Scepter, Lina’s ultimate ability, the Laguna Blade changes its attack type from magical to pure damage and pierces through spell immunities. This is considered as one of the deadliest and strongest blows for a single-target instant damage attack. However, the Laguna Blade, being a target skill can be easily countered by the Linken’s Sphere.