Sven is undoubtedly one of the most famous carries in the dota 2 world. When his ultimate ability is activated, he is considered as the most disastrous hero and deals the highest physical blows any hero could give. Having the 3rd ability, the Great Cleave, he can easily sweep off enemies and increase his farming capabilities. Sven is totally a versatile and strong hero.

Sven’s Abilities:

1.)    Storm Hammer

The storm hammer is a stunning, damaging, area of effect skill. It is considered as one of the most efficient stuns in the game. It is usually used for Sven to stun his enemies and later on smash them with his mighty blows. However, the ability needs a mana of 140 points to cast the spell which is why it should be used wisely for Sven has low mana points.

The storm hammer is a target skill which later upon hit will give an area of effect stun that stuns the enemy for 2 seconds. The cast range for the storm hammer is 600. It has an effective radius of 255. It deals a magical damage of 100/175/250/325.

2.)    Great Cleave

The great cleave is one of the best abilities to help a certain hero farm throughout the game. This passive ability allows Sven to deal damage to many enemy units at once.  Stacking neutral creeps is an efficient strategy to boost Sven’s gold and experience gain. The item helm of dominator which can convert an enemy unit into his own can help Sven stack for himself.

The great cleave has a starting radius of 150 and has an ending radius of 300. This makes sticking enemies near the target and inside the range accumulate casualties. The distance covered is 300 while the damage is 30%/40%/50%/60% of its physical attack.

3.)    Warcry

Sven’s Warcry is really efficient to use. It gives Sven an armor bonus of 5/10/15/20, a movement speed bonus of 12% and lasts for 8 seconds. This ability has an effect radius of 900 making his allies gain the buffs as well. However, warcry is purgeable by the Diffusal Blade.

4.)    God’s Strength

This Godlike ability gives Sven the biggest additional amount of physical damage. This makes Sven kill the targeted opponents 3 to 4 blows. God’s strength gives Sven the to power farm and power hit. Because of the low cooldown of 80 seconds and long duration of 25 seconds, the ultimate ability is used also to clear ancient neutral stacks. This makes Sven boost his gold in the middle game.

The self-attack bonus is 80%/120%/160% while the self-strength bonus is 12/24/36. When equipped with the Aghanim’s scepter, it gives an aura of radius 900 which gives nearby allies to have bonus damage within its area. The allies attack damage bonus is 75%/100%/125%.