The Ursa Warrior or just commonly called Ursa is a melee hero with agility as its primary attribute. Even though Ursa is an agility hero, its base strength and strength gain as it levels up is a bit high enough making him durable and tanky enough to receive an ample amount of burst damage. The Ursa Warrior is already formidable at the early stage of the game making it able to solo Roshan at lower levels with just life steal as its basic item. At level one, Ursa has a 660 health points, a health regeneration of 1.88 with an armor of 5.57 making it a really tough hero. It has a base movement speed of 310 which makes it not that kind of a slow poke. The Ursa can be played with different roles like the carry,  jungle, durable and nuker playing it carry is the most advisable thing. Like most all of the heroes, the Ursa Warrior has only four skills and this are the following;

1.)    Earthshock

It is a no target ability that affects all enemy units within the area of effect of a radius of 385. It deals a magical damage of 90/140/190/240 along with a movement speed slow 25%/35%/45%/55%. The slow lasts for 4 seconds to all enemy units that are affected. The Earthshock has a cooldown of 5 seconds and a mana cost of 75.

2.)    Overpower

It is a no target ability that affects itself only. The Ursa Warrior receives increased attack speed for a number of succeeding attacks. The attack speed bonus is 400 and the number of attacks would be 3/4/5/6. The overpower lasts for 15 seconds if the number of attacks is not totally consumed. Since it has a 10 seconds cooldown consecutive casts do not stack the number of attacks instead, it restores the whole number of attacks. The Overpower has a very low mana cost of 45/55/65/75 making it good at spamming.

3.)    Fury Swipes

It is a passive ability that affects all enemy units and is being dealt with a physical damage. The fury swipes have an attack damage bonus per stack of 15/20/25/30 but can be dramatically increased with the help of the talent tree which makes it 25/30/35/40. If the same enemy unit affected by the fury swipes is not attacked for 20 seconds, the bonus damage per stack is lost. The Ursa Warrior can life steal with the damage dealt by the fury swipes, but it cannot cleave the damage or crit. The fury swipes do not affect the allied units, wards, and buildings when attacking them.

4.)    Enrage

It is the Ursa Warrior’s ultimate ability that affects only itself. Ursa rages at this state making him very durable and physically powerful because it allows use to take 80% less damage to all damage types and multiplies the fury swipes damage by 1.5/1.75/2 and lasts for 4 seconds. When upgraded with an Aghanim’s Scepter, the enrage can be cast while stunned, hidden, slept, cyclone, during forced movement or taunted. However, it still not allowed to be cast while hexed, silenced or prevented from acting.