The god Zeus is a ranged hero with intelligence as its primary attribute. His role is mainly as the nuker since his skills deal with a tremendous amount of magical damage to all enemy units. With that, the enemy units fear his damage that the opponent should have an item of black king bar, pipe of insight or any item that decreases or negates magical damage being dealt with them. At level one, Zeus has 580 health points, 1.14 health regeneration, and armor of 1.57 which makes him a squishy hero at the start of the game. He has 317 mana points and 0.89 mana regeneration which helps him spam a lot of skills at the early game since last hitting creeps with his normal attacks is a lot harder. His damage only ranges from 43-51. His abilities are so godly when paired with the magical boosting items like the veil of discord, aether lens, Aghanim’s Scepter, refresher orb, ethereal and a lot more. His skills are as follows;

  • Arc Lightning

It is a unit target ability dealing with magical damage against enemy units. The arc lightning has a cast range of 850 and can be increased with the talent tree which now becomes 1050. The number of bounces is 5/7/9/15 and has a bounce distance of 500. The arc lightning then has 85/100/115/145 damage per bounce and can be increased with the help of the talent tree which now becomes 60/175/190/220 damage per bounce. This skill is so much helpful for Zeus in last hitting creeps because it only has a cooldown of 1.6 seconds but it has a 65/70/75/80 mana cost which is a bit costly. That is why he needs mana consumable items at the start of the game. Also, the arc of lightning cannot hit the same unit twice.

  • Lightning Bolt

It is a target point or target unit ability that also deals with magical damage to enemy units. It has a cast range of 700 but if increased with the talent tree it now becomes 900. Once cast, the lightning bolt gives an unobstructed vision and a True sight with a radius of 750. Since it is a target area ability, the enemy hero closest in 325 range will be the ones affected. It has a damage of 100/175/275/350 and a mini stun of 0.2 seconds but does increase with the talent tree and now becomes 0.7.

  • Static Field

It is a passive skill that affects enemy units when Zeus cast any of his active skills. With a radius of 1200, it has a current health as damage of 4%/6%/8%/10%.

  • Thundergod’s Wrath

It is his ultimate ability that affects all enemy heroes wherever they are on the map and deals magical damage of 225/325/425 with 90 seconds cool down. 5.) nimbus. It is a skill added when Zeus buys an Aghanim’s Scepter. With a global cast range just like its ultimate ability and has a radius of 500. The Nimbus casts regular lightning bolts with an interval of 2.25 seconds that would last for 35 seconds.